Why "messages-on-hold" ?

Every business caller is important, making it necessary to keep on-hold delays as brief as possible. While they're waiting, however, why not take advantage of your 'captive' audience by offering interesting and informative listening? A message-on-hold can show your callers courtesy, and inform them about your product line, services, business hours, and your location. It can also give them some interesting company history and, very importantly, direct them to your website! At the same time, you'll enhance your company image, decrease the number of hang-ups, answer your customer's most frequently asked questions and remind them of how important they are to you! In short, you'll turn on hold time into productive time. Remember, your customer is on the line!


An effective message-on-hold should utilize experienced commercial voices capable of reflecting the image you wish to project. Voice talent, whether for telephone, television or radio, can make or break your production faster than anything else. As you are about to hear, Voxbox professional voice talents have extensive voice-over experience and come from major market radio backgrounds. Our extensive library of background music is fully licensed and all fees are paid. Watch the magic as Voxbox voice talents and producers come together to make an on-hold production you will be proud of!


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